American Red Cross and American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, AED, and Lifeguard certification programs are designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation with skills that can save a life.

Additional training classes in bloodborne pathogens, oxygen administration, injury prevention, and community disaster education can be added to CPR and First Aid training to prepare you to prevent and respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Preparedness programs in first aid, CPR and AED are available for any age and can be tailored to the needs of specific groups and individuals. Whether you work with children, want training for employees, are a professional rescuer, or simply want to know how to help someone in an emergency, the CPR Expert has a program for you.

CPR Expert training offers complete, flexible programs that help you, your family, your workplace and your community stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation. Build the program that works for you using our modular curriculum and team-up with the most trusted name in health and safety training for nearly a century - the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.






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